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    A new product in a beautiful Otters print.

    The top is fleecy inside and will keep you warm while swimming, under a wetsuit or just put it on after the swim to warm you up. 100% polyester with a good firm stretch.


    Please make sure to check the measurements. Measurements are made for the flat, unstretched top and in centimetres. That means, when measured, the front and back are on top of each other so therefore you literally measure half of the top only, across the chest, just under where the sleeves are inserted. It is not a circular measurement. Length is measured from the highest part of the shoulder, just before the neck gap starts. Sleeves are measures from where the printed sleeve is sewn to the black panel.


    It's very hard to advise the sizing, as we only have a handful of club customers who wear these. I am size 36 in swimsuits and size 30 in the top fits ok, nice and snuggly on. I also tried the sizes up, including size 36 and the sleeves and total length are much bigger, as the top didn't stretch that much sideways, so I would say a tall person should go for the normal swimsuit size (or one size down) so they get the length as well. It is a personal preference how tight you want to wear the top, so going down a size or two would also fit; as I said size 30 fitted me perfectly ok. I would say, if you want to wear it in the water for swimming or under a wetsuit, you should go for a small size. If you want to wear it after a swim, you would maybe be better with a slightly bigger size, but definitely not bigger than your swimsuit.